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Blood Tests, Dish Soap and MC Hammer

Blood Tests, Dish Soap and MC Hammer

A few weeks ago I was isolating because someone I had met turned out to be positive. It can get really lonely and dull through isolation. But my answer to any kind of weird mood is always, always, always - feel good music.  

Through that time in isolation I would almost always end my day with a few hours of music to fight the blues, some new Love Letter designs and a glass of wine.

It was then that I started thinking to myself about all the people that are Covid positive and in isolation. I thought maybe we should do something with music and I came up with the idea of - 

THE FEEL GOOD PROJECT - A crowd sourced playlist of music that makes people happy. 

Soon after I thought of this, I got some bad news about some people around us losing their life to Covid, some parents of our friends critical in the hospital and all of us trying to help but barely getting anywhere. I got angry at the situation, at our country, at the government and I thought to myself, "Well, this is bullshit. We need oxygen and plasma and ICU beds, not music" and I immediately scrapped this idea and deemed it one of the dumbest ideas I had lately. How naive could I be to think music would help? 

A little over a week ago,

Rachit's Mom's tested positive for Covid.

Then all the staff,

Then Dad,

Then Rachit's sister in law, 

Then Rachit's brother.

Rachit and I immediately went into crisis management mode and forgot about everything else in our day. Our conversations revolved around making sure everyone got food and meds on time, getting the prescribed meds from far away pharmacies, getting our doc on call everyday to give an update, RTPCRs anytime someone new showed a symptom, blood tests, distilled water for the concentrator and what not. We are grateful that everyone's symptoms have been manageable at home so far and in control with monitoring, meds and home remedies. 

But through this period that Rachit and I have been looking after everyone, I have found us both doing one thing that's common. 

We have been taking turns doing the dishes and when we're standing there cleaning up in the kitchen through that last hour at night, no matter how tired either of us would be -

We'd put on a playlist.

And we'd just stand there grooving with some dish soap and scrub in our hands and we'd sing and smile and dance a little too. 

When I noticed the pattern, night after night, I realized - my idea was not dumb at all. At the end of a shit day full of anxiety and uncertainty and a muted but steady state of panic - we found a way to sing and smile before calling it a day. 

It's not just our physical bodies fighting this, it's our minds too. 

I was naive. I was naive to think music would not help with that. 


We invite our Love Letter community to add their favorite feel good jams to this playlist in the hopes of creating the happiest crowd sourced playlist. Welcoming music from everywhere in any language. 

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